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About Us

Personalized Approach

Emerald Equestrian is focused on training show jumpers and providing training for the serious rider in the discipline of show jumping. Our goal is to bring out the best in both horse and rider and develop the skills necessary for our clients to achieve their personal goals and have fun.

Excellence and Professionalism 

The key to our success has been an emphasis on skill for both horse and rider. This starts with proper riding instruction, which enable the horse and rider to complete their job successfully. In addition, the soundness and health of the horses is the top priority and a cornerstone of the program.

Our Experience

Audra Fleck grew up in Woodinville Washington. Audra has trained and ridden with many of the top show jumping riders including Rich Fellers, John Turner and Jack Hammond, Richard Keller, Brent and Laura Balisky and Joie Gatlin and is competitive at the national and international Grand Prix level.

Patrick Snijders has been riding and competing in Holland and throughout Europe from the age of 5. He started his riding career with Pony High Class Dressage and Jumping, and has been Dutch Champion several times on his way to the National Jumper level in Holland. Patrick was trained by Dutch Olympic Champion Paul Raymachers and has worked and ridden with American world class riders such as Leslie Howard and Molly Ashe.

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